Notes from Daddy's Desk

Daddy’s Bedtime stories

Mini-story: Morning call

Waking up with your cock swimming in a tight, loving cave makes the world all alright. He was smiling before he opened his eyes, but not because it felt wonderful. His smile was the result of her hunger. She was such a dirty slut. Better: she was HIS dirty slut. She slurped and bobbed and whimpered as she sucked and cuddled and stroked. It never failed..the slightest warm ember inside her would flare to a bonfire of passion the moment his member filled with blood. He knew she’d have soaked panties, were she wearing any. Moving up out of sleep, he stretched, flexed his hips and his erection bloomed greater still. A moan reverberated around his stiffness and her pace increased. He raised his knee beside her and traced his heel from the top of her bare ass up her spine. Such a perfect little slut. Cock hungry even at this hour. Servicing him even when he couldn’t feel the need to be satisfied. She was most prized. And talented- she knew exactly how to extend the suckling so that he enjoyed her warm mouth for a long time. It was a skill that couldn’t be taught. His smile grew as she writhed between his legs moaning; her full breasts brushing his inner thighs. He crooked his knee behind her head and locked her down on his throbbing cock. It was time.

How - submitted by Megs


I sit on my calves facing the corner of two walls. Sitting there perfectly still despite the anticipation I feel. There’s the excitement of being vulnerable, stripped naked with my wrists bound behind me, I await to lose all control to Daddy. I have a desperate need to stir, to coax Daddy to do something. I arch my back a bit feeling the rise and fall of my hair over my breasts, but I fight the urge to look over to him. And finally Daddy pulls a chair in front of me. He sits with legs apart and his beautiful cock staring at me. He looks me in the eye and says sternly ‘Today, little one, you will learn how to worship Daddy’

Daddy grabs a hold of my neck and draws me near letting my head rest on his thigh. I’m not entirely sure how to worship Daddy. I’m so anxious to please him that I fear the slightest mistake, but when I feel his fingers caressing my hair and his warmth on my face I remember how much Daddy cares and being afraid has no room between such intimacy. Daddy continues to look at me, I love it when he stares, even when he thinks I don’t know he’s looking. But I love this kind of gaze the most. I have his full attention as if nothing in the world could go wrong. I forget that I am bound and subjected to him eclipsed by the desire to make Daddy as happy as I could.

‘You may kiss it, baby’ Daddy tells me with a smile. I return the smile feeling the excitement of a child and gently press my lips on the tip of Daddy’s cock. ‘Good girl…’ these little terms of endearment, I could only guess that he knows the effect they have on me ‘…now you may take more of Daddy in, but only the tip. Can you do that for Daddy, baby?’. To this I nod. The prospect of being Daddy’s good girl makes me wet more than anything. I start off with a kiss gradually opening up my lips to take more of Daddy in. He lets out a sigh so I go a bit further and massage the head of his cock with my tongue. Curling upward while Daddy stroke my hair. I want to take the liberty of bobbing my head down and taking all of him in, but good girls know better than to go beyond Daddy’s instructions. Suddenly he pulls my head away, tilts my chin up to look at him again and asks ‘Are you ready for more, little one?’. ‘Yes, Daddy’ I find my voice to tell him. It was all I could muster up as I restrained myself from demanding ‘Yes please, Daddy more, more!’. He takes me by the hair this time, pulling me closer and deeper. This makes me salivate and I remember that my hands are bound behind me and I have no power to touch Daddy save for my mouth. With his hands holding my hair he guides my head backwards and forwards. I get playful and suck him as I bob out. Then I look at Daddy’s face – it echoes how much he wants this, how much he wants me. I catch his eyes and look intently as though to convey what I cannot say ‘More, Daddy, I want all of it’. Daddy’s cock already feels hard and full around my lips, yet I still want more. He dips my head lower now so more of him is in me now. ‘Is this what you want, baby?’ he asks as though to confirm. I muffle a ‘Yes, Daddy’ with his cock still in my mouth. ‘Good girl’. Daddy’s approval, I could do this all day. He gives me more and more of him and it came to a point where I was a loss for breath, where I thought I took on more than I could handle. ‘You can do it, baby’ Daddy encourages. So when I feel like I’m going to gag, when I’m on the verge of suffocating, when I choke, I look at Daddy’s beautiful eyes and just know that what I’m doing is worth it all. His fingers crumple my hair and his cock throbs on the walls of my mouth and just when I think Daddy’s about to cum he pulls me away.

‘Rise’ he instructs me. I get to my feet and Daddy stands up too. He gets close to me, closing the gap between us two. He bends down to me and touches my face with the gentleness I have come to know and he kisses me. I find that this is as intimate as it gets, when we not only lock our lips together, but our breaths, essentially subjecting our life forces to pleasure. And like a dance he guides me back to the seat, my seat –Daddy’s lap. Our kiss doesn’t cease, even when his hand is on my breast and his other hand on my bum opening me up for him. I want to feel how hard Daddy is, how hard I’ve made him. His cock makes its presence known right between my pussy lips, soaking up its wetness even before he enters me. I try to be slight as I glide myself onto Daddy’s cock, even so Daddy catches me and sneers ‘Not yet, baby’. I find out that his hand on my butt wasn’t to open me up to receive his cock. Daddy’s fingers sneak into my asshole, massaging the surface as it slowly pokes in. I gasp out and shriek ‘Oh Daddy!’ He breathes down my neck his kisses trail down the base of my ear and he pinches my nipple hard and abruptly. This unexpected shot of pleasure that Daddy gives me, I suppose it shows me that I shouldn’t be cheeky with Daddy and fully surrender to his control. 

I could feel my juices dripping down from me that I could cum at any moment. Daddy’s hand travels down my breast to the top of my crotch, clutching the mound over my pussy, teasing the keyhole slit that barely covers my throbbing clit. He frees up my ass hole and squeezes my bum as his finger rests on my clit unmoving yet firm. Daddy samples how wet he has made me and looks to me ‘are you ready for Daddy now, little girl?’. I nod hurriedly ‘Yes Daddy YES’. I prop myself up slightly and he kisses me again positioning his cock for entry and I descend onto him, every inch stretching me. As I sit back down on Daddy’s lap I clench him from the inside. How I’ve waited and now he gets to fuck me. 

‘Be a good girl and ride Daddy’s cock’ 

He keeps a serious face for someone as hard as he is. I rock back and forth onto him, hoping to please him and be the good girl he wants me to be. But it’s hard to be so intent when I feel so much pleasure myself. The feeling of Daddy inside me. It’s like ripples of adrenaline rush bursting from him to me. Just to feel his fullness in secret places and having him hold me and direct me, I am powerless to exercise control. ‘That’s it baby’ he assures me.

And from behind he wraps my hair on his palm closing his fingers in. He tugs downwards arching me back. Daddy takes my breast in his mouth, circling my nipples with his tongue; he sucks as I fuck him deeper. In all honesty, I would like to freeze right here, I would like nothing more than to cum as Daddy’s mouth is on my tits and his cock buried deep inside me. But I know better that Daddy is in charge, not me.

I fuck him harder, right as I am on the brink of orgasm. I gyrate my hips, stirring his hard cock inside me. I clench tighter, I grow more wet and make squeaks as I take him in and out of me. I moan out to let him know how much I want him and how much I want so desperately to come over and over again for him. And Daddy pulls me into him with my hair growling ‘Cum for Daddy now, Megs’ right before he kisses me deeply, stifling my yelling, containing my orgasm instead of having it explode erratically.  I cum right on his cock, I cum for Daddy. Slow and gradual at first then it peaks, bursting all over me that I dig my fingernails down on my own palms and my legs curl around Daddy. Just before my orgasm comes down, he says ‘Now it’s Daddy’s turn, baby’. He props me up and I kneel back down to Daddy taking as much of him as I could. I suck with all I’ve got, watching Daddy as he cums for me. His face groans as he yells out my name. How I wish I could grab his balls with my hand. Daddy’s cock pulsates inside my mouth and he growls out, filling me with his cum, squirting into my throat. His taste and mine in my mouth. I linger there just a little longer and slowly remove myself from him, kissing the tip just to say good bye. Daddy pulls me up and looks at me with care. I love the way he looks as much as I love his eyes, how the blue pierces yet gives a sense of serenity. He kisses me again and whispers ‘that is how you worship Daddy’s cock, my good little girl’.


   The limo pulled to the curb. The ominous storm and howling wind mirrored my mood, and the darkness that shrouded all but the glow of the welcoming hotel front doors left no choice to me. Really, I gifted that choice away the moment I placed the chain on my neck you had sent….at the clasp hung a silver teardrop with the simple inscription D~D, your chain, your claim.  The choice was made, all details seemed to have been taken care of, including transportation.      

        As I sat parylized, watching each drop of rain trail down the back passenger window, cold hands clamped together in my lap. The unseen driver sat parked there, as if he was instructed to wait. One by one they dropped down the window to disapear. I  tried to still my raging mind, As a desperate shy nervousness threatened to take over.

      As you prepared the suite, placing the toys and tools in the drawer next to the bed methodically. “No need to frighten my pet too soon” you said to yourself.  Knowing how much courage it has taken me to come to you… willingly. Not without fear, and certainly not without reservations. Although, you get rid of those pesky trepidations and insecurities soon enough. The first lessons are tonight and always hold such an acute sweetness. Your cock twitched at the thought as you absently rubbed your palm over the dull ache in your slacks.  You’d chosen black wingtips, jet black dress slacks, and a crisp white dress shirt, the blood red silk tie loosened at the neck, and rolled at the sleeves to the elbows, the first 3 buttons undone. If one must instruct, one must dress the part of the master teacher. Applying sinful smelling cologne, you wandered around the room hands in your pockets. Glancing at the noise of the settling ice in the glistening bucket of chilled wine.  Fingers stroked your scruff in deep thought. Thinking you’ll shave a bit later…. after you leave evidence of your rough face on the inside of your little ones soft pretty thighs. Such an attractive thought.  The buzzing brought you to the present and you took the cell from your pocket, clicking the recent text from your driver. While strolling to the window, it read…

    “Your pet is parylized I think, sitting there like a stone staring at the front doors. Been here 10 min”

The backs of your two fingers part the dark heavy curtains to see the top of the black limo paused at the front enterance before letting them fall closed again. With an amused smile you texted back…

“Let her take her time…”

        Gathering more courage than I have used in a long lime I reached for the door handle and concentrated on the echoing click of my nude heels. The beautiful woman at the reception desk smiled at my approach.  “Hello there, we’ve been expecting you. You have a message.”  In elegantly scrolled letters it read:

            Suite 204 

    I’m not acustomed to waiting

              …… little one.

Shit… the note begins to tremble in my hands. I have no bags, only a purse, per your instructions. “Bring nothing, trust me”  No freshening up, nothing left to do but stare at a reflection I dont recognize as the elevator rises. To your floor. This damn hotel is like a ghost town. The silence is deafening with just the rushing of the beat of my heart and makes me think entirely too much. Even the sound of my shakey breath gives away rapidly diminishing confidence. A startling jolt at the ding of the doors opening. I can just turn around… I could, just turn and leave now. It would be so easy, the easy way out but even now your hold on my mind is firm. I can still hear your gruff voice over the phone. “Come to me”  You spoke of comfort and protection as well as fear and excitement. So why am I only feeling this striking fear? I feel like a child in trouble, knowing theres a punishment.


      The door is ajar, quiet and dark on the inside. As I open it silently and scan the room for safety, its black but for the light from the hallway and a solitary flickering candle.

  ” …close the door”

       At the click of the door closing Im standing in almost complete darkness. 

                     “You’re late”

” I know, I…” twisting the purse straps.

                    “Shh shh shh shh”

“W, Where are you?” 

I asked before thinking  …. “Im everywhere,… “  As fingers from nowhere stroke my shoulders,

“inside your mind, your thoughts… ”

I gasp as you gently turn me around and press so Im leaning my front against the wall. Feeling the coolness from the wall against my left cheek. Your body is so close and so warm without touching me. ” … and soon inside you….”  I can feel my long dark hair being swept to the side and over my left shoulder. ” Tell me you’re wearing my mark little one” I can see strong hands placed at either side of my head on the wall as fingers turn the room to a dim light and your breath caresses my ear.

“… I am” my weak voice croaks

    At this, the teardrop at the back of my neck is visible to you. Leaning down you slowly and softly kiss it.  “Good girl”  Your arms encircle me as your body presses into my backside. “You can let go now pet”  Realizing  beladedly that my hands have a vice grip on my purse straps. Somehow I knew there was a double meaning behind your words. “Relax love … I won’t bite just yet.” As you set my purse on the desk and take the seat further in the room. Knees spread, hands on each arm rest, inspecting every inch of me. You look like a disapproving king contemplating and moody. God, I feel so out of place and bare under your gaze. From the nude heels, thigh high lace topped stockings, pencil skirt and wrap shirt Im covered, yet through it all a chill to my skin sends goose bumps dancing everywhere.

“Come to me pet, don’t be shy” with the crook of your finger, beconing me to you.

“Remove the shirt and skirt.”

My mouth hanging open, I know why Im here… obviously. Its just a bit of a shock that we’ve begun so bluntly. It takes a minute to gather my berrings and stood there gaping.

With a grin, you knew this would be fun. “Come now love, I know what you’ve come for, and you know what you’ve come for. It shouldn’t be any surprise to you that I want to inspect whats mine. ”

With virginal grace I removed what I was told and stood there akwardly, until you held out your hand. Pulling me to the right side of the chair you took my right knee with your left hand and drug me spread eagle over and not touching your lap. Your eyes never leaving mine intensely. My knees hooking over both arm rests in such a way that my kitty covered in a black little thong was suspended over your lap for your inspection. My hands covering my lace adorned breasts. “Don’t move” your hands lightly caressing from my knees trailed lightly up my lace stocking covered thighs and back to cup each ass cheek to squeeze before each thumb hooked beneath the sides of my panties. In one heartstopping motion they were ripped off. Making a small helpless moan I bit my bottom lip to prevent it the only sound in the room was our mingled breathing. My kitty suspended spread wide over your lap in anticipation was humming with readied nerves and already achingly wet. So wet I felt a chill on heated wet lips. You bury your nose between my breasts, breathing in my scent. A pleased rumbling hum.

“I can scent how aroused you are, I can smell your delicious heat. Tell me, you can’t wait to have my hard cock splitting your wet little kitten.”

…… “I can’t wait…” I whispered

“You’re not to hide anything from me.” Gently my hands are pried away uncovering my lace adorned breasts. Im staring, transfixed… Your nose nuzzles my nipple over the delicate fabric, just before your tongue slips under to lave over the tip, then the other side. The tips are so hard and wet from your tongue. They ache for your attention. You blow cool air over both nipples, making them even more erect, and making me breathe faster. You want, need to hear me cry out in response to you bite one through my bra. Just the response you knew would be there. A yelp, along with my belly contracting. Your index fingers pull the material down off each breast , the underwire pushes my nipples up as an offering, an offering too tempting to pass up. You lean forward to take one sweet tip deep into your mouth. My whole body arches and once again biting my lip.

Reaching for the back of my neck you pull me closer, my aching buds brushing your shirt, just to whisper in my ear. “Don’t hold back making noise little one, before Im through Ill have your cries in my ear. ”

With that your hand cupped my wet kitty and I gasped at the sensation. Unmoving, just held, at the feel of such delicate wet warm skin your eyes closed in bliss. “Mmmmmm Such a sweetly responsive little kitten” your thumb begins slow light circles around my clit. It makes my stomach clench. “Your little clit’s already pink and swollen. Does it ache kitten?” …… silence….. “Tell me, does it ache for my posession, hungry to be filled?” Grabbing my throat with lightning speed and clenching your jaw muccles you stop your loving massage. My attention completely on you in a fearful shock . My face red from embarrasment I watch you lick and savor my wetness from your palm. “You speak to me when youre asked a question. You’ll crave my eye contact at all times, Do you understand little one?” … “yes” a shaky one word answer. With your other hand the backs of your knuckles trail down my cheek and your left hand slides from my neck to pinch a rosy nipple. “You”ll answer when spoken to under my care, and you’ll do what you’re told, understood? I will not expect less. You are mine. I live here…” you say as you stroke my pussy lips, your middle finger slides easilly into my sheath. My eyes slide closed in pleasure. “LOOK AT ME!” A jolt of fear rips through my system like electricity as the clap of thunder sounds outside. My kitty instinctively tightens on your finger “Im sorry..” I appologize quickly.

“Im sorry, Daddy… say it”

“Im sorry, Daddy”

Im rewarded with a chaste kiss at the corner of my mouth.

“Im Daddy from now on… ” sliding your arms around my waist to hug me tight while standing, my arms hug your neck and my legs wrap your waist and ankles clamp behind you. “Good girl… my good girl” standing and strolling across the room to the bed you continue to hug and soothe, rubbing my back. Your crisp white shirt and hanging tie feel so good and comforting against my naked spread kitty. “My beautiful girl. Don’t displease me and I’ll give you pleasure beyond what you know. You have to trust me to lead and teach you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy” my head on your shoulder, face in your neck as docile as a child. Laying me down on the bed you push my knees to bend and spread them wide. Its such a vulnerable feeling one hand curls over my mound to hide it while I bite my finger on the other hand. Raising a disaproving eyebrow was all the reaction you gave. “Don’t hide from me pet… I always win.” You say as you lean forward, your tongue makes its way through my fingers to stab at my clit causing me to cry out as by body jerks. “Move your hands before I restrain them for you.” You bite the knuckles of the hand covering my kitty, Hesitantly I lay them at my sides.

You stood there looking me over, arms folded while silence pierced the dusk. Your hand stroking your chin. Its the anticipation and the mystery. You’ve always been a master at both. What else could I do than lay there wide open like an offering and feel your stare. Uncomfortable silence…. Opening my mouth to speak, the look in your eyes forbids it as you lay your finger over your lips and shake your head. The tension is thick. ” What sort of lovely things can I do to you pet…” …. “come” your hand extends. “You’ve had a long way to travel.” Leading me down the hall to a glowing candle covered bathroom. The big corner tub is already full, steaming with bubbles, the jets are stirring the water. In the batground from an unknown source is weeping sad violin music playing softly. “Im going to thoroughly clean my prize” closing and audibly locking the door sent a message that you were inescapable. Next to the tub you pulled me into your arms, your hands threaded into my hair and for the first time our lips met. They met sinfully, rubbing, and testing, tasting before you sank everything into it. Pulling me closer by my hair. Looking into my eyes, yours filled with unspeakable lust. “Wrap your arms around me.” Before taking my mouth again.

Unquestioningly my arms wrap around you. It feels so good to pull you closer because you allowed me to. It makes me feel safer, more secure in your presence. Deciding to go a bit further my hands travel past your waist to cup your ass and pull your hips into mine. At this your hands fall, your lustful attentions cease. “What are you doing kitten?…”

“Im sorry Daddy… I got carried away. I ache…”

Taking my chin in your first finger and thumb, eyes boring into mine. ” …… do you want to belong to me?”


Giving my chin a shake. “Everything is done by instruction,…. you ache sugar? ”


“Tell me… ”

The embarrasment is horrendous. “I.. I can’t” I can’t seem to make myself say it and I can feel the tears well in my eyes. Im stuck between shyness and the fear I won’t please you.

“I value loyalty and trust, are you trusting me with your secrets?”

Shaking my head makes a single tear track down my face. Placing your left hand on my shoulder your face leans into me catching my tear on your tongue. Eyes closed I rub my cheek on yours nuzzling as you bite my earlobe and whisper. “I own your sadness, your happiness, your pleasure, I am your relief in all things.” … “Show me where you ache pet.”

My two hands shyly take your wrist, guiding your hand to my lower stomach, with your long fingers covering my kitty.

“Mmm, we’ll relieve it soon baby.” Taking my hand and placing it on your rock hard huge cock through your slacks. ” This is the only true way to relieve that ache, only through me will you ever find true release”

Sweeping me into your arms you place me in the water. Took the soap and lathered your hands. They stroked and washed, only avoiding the sweet tips of my breasts and my kitty. Stirring every nerve like a live wire making me ache even more. 

Kissing my neck cupping, massaging everywhere. You’re still fully dressed, Ive only had teasing hints of the feel of your body, the texture of your lips.


It’s amazing the little tidbits of information that make it to a teacher’s ears. He knew for example, the girl was a virgin.  In spite of the fact that she moved and offered her body in a manner that belied her lack of experience. The way she would swish her hips as she walked away from him.  She had never tasted cock or felt it before in her hands, much less between her legs.  Soft and firm and where no man had gone before.  He knew that her first would be very important. It might make all the difference in her development …

He also knew that he made her weak; unsure. Normally relaxed and confident, she seemed to shrivel before him whenever he lowered his eyes on her.  So it was no surprise that he came across a note on the floor after class one day  that she had been bragging to someone how she was going to lure her teacher into giving her the first sexual experience of her short life. So confident.  So self assured. She had no idea….

Then came the day that he observed a note being passed between her and her giggling friend. He called her to his desk. “Do you make it a habit of breaking rules, or is the note passing just saved for my class?” Her faced drained of color. Normally olive skinned, her raven black hair framed a ghost face.  “Hand me the note.”

“I…I…” she began, unable to lift her eyes from the floor..”I can’t, sir.” It came out as a whisper. 

“Excuse me? Did I hear you just disobey me, young lady?”  So confident and self assured. Cocky, even.  Now she was vapor locked in fear. She had dressed in a tight v-necked sweater to accentuate her breasts. Short skirt to show off smooth athletic legs and petite round ass….oh she was swimming in the deep end for sure- His cock began to swell at the lesson now forming in his brain…

“I’m sorry, sir.” Her hands clenched the note to her lap; arms tense pushing her breasts together. Delicious cleavage at his eye level….was she playing him? Really?

“Very well.  Then you share with the class what you will not allow me to read.”

At this her knees buckled…her tense expression explodes into terror. Her eyes could not have been wider. She meant to beg him not to make her do that; but all her mouth could do was drop open. He was afraid she was going to burst into tears. But her wet soft lips just trembled. Finally she shook her head slowly from side to side. He let his eyes drop down her body and said without looking at her – “Detention. After school tomorrow.”

Finishing work up after the final bell…he looks up and she is in the doorway. “Come in and close the door. Have a seat.” As she moves from the door to a desk, he moves from behind his desk and locks the door. He moves to the board and erases the days lessons and says to her over his shoulder, “Remove all of your clothes except for your bra and panties. Stack them neatly on my desk.”  

“Yes, sir.”

Obediently, she slips them off-  as she does, she briefly catches his gaze, as warmth floods her lower belly. Her eyes drop to the floor. 

He moves around her, and a soft chuckle escapes his throat as he takes in her matching lace bra and satin thong. “My, aren’t you lovely…. Move to the board.  Pick up one of the markers in front of you. I want you to write down everything that I say….no matter what’s going on. Do you understand?”

Seems easy enough, she thinks, to write down what he says…but hesitates at the ‘no matter what is going on’. 

“Y-y-es , sir.”

“We will begin.” 

As he speaks, she silently writes down every word. She can hear him moving behind her. He is telling her how naughty a little girl she has been. And to defy his request to see the note..inexcusable.  He tells her how he knows she has not felt a cock inside her tight little pussy and how she bragged that he would be her first.  “But not today, my sweet dirty girl.” He tells her he has been waiting for her to do something for which she would need to be punished. She hears the swish of his hand in the air and the crack as his palm connects flat on her bare ass.

She jumps and the marker slides down the board. “Keep writing”, he patiently but firmly commands her. She quickly begins again and with every blow her body jerks.  It doesn’t take long for the hiss of her breath to turn into soft moans.

“Oh, does my naughty little girl like that? I bet your panties are soaking wet by now. Tell me, dirty girl…so sure of herself…does this make you wet? Another smack lands and she yelps. His voice suddenly at her ear. “Stop”, he growls to her. She feels his breath on her neck and shoulder. She is shaking; her lip is trembling. She is dripping.

Two fingers push her long hair away from her neck and travel slowly down her spine. They stop at the hooks of her bra. With a pop, she is undone.  “Hands on the board”, he says and lifts her arms as she places them on the board. “Touch the place where you were when my first smack landed.” She moves her hands over to the line that scratches downward from the previously flawless writing. 

“Correct the mistake.” She reaches for the marker, but it slips from her hand to the floor. She reaches for another marker in the tray. “NO!”…..his hand on her lower back pushing her to bend to get it. “Bend over and pick it up.” He holds her hip. “Knees straight!” She bends to pick up the marker and his hand presses down on her lower back. She takes it that she is not to move. His other hand starts at the back of her knee and slowly moves up her leg…his fingers graze the satiny pouch under her ass cheeks. The intake of her breath is audible.


She stands erect again, and corrects the misplaced mark on the board.

“Put the marker down and turn around.”

She turns slowly to him and his gaze is lasered in on her. His brow is furrowed. He’s taking stock of her thoughts at this moment. Good luck with that, she thinks….they’re all over the place. And about to run down my legs-

He brushes the straps of her bra from her shoulders. Rough hands seize her breasts; cupping them and feeling their weight. She looks straight ahead, and sees the corner of his mouth curl crookedly. He takes a finger with each hand and flicks her hard nipples, and she whimpers. One hand travels up her chest to just under her jaw. Firm fingers hold her head still as his other hand travels down her stomach to the elastic of her panties. “You nearly got your wish bent over like that, little girl”, he says to her wide eyes. His fingers push over her panties and cup her mound. Middle finger pressure darkens the bright pink satin that covers her quivering pussy. He seems delighted her legs are trembling; and it is all she can do to remain on her feet. She has never felt so weak…so focused on. So….attended to. She feels quite….worthy.

“This is punishment. You should not be enjoying this, but seeing that you look oh so edible with a cherry red ass, I think you should be allowed a treat.  Get on your knees, little one. I want you to taste your first cock and finger yourself as you do. I know you do it…I know you know how to rub your little pussy until you pour. You will suck on my cock and fuck your hand until we both cum.”

She kneels before him, eyes downcast.  She hears his zipper. Stinging, and soaked through her satiny pink thong, her heart races.


She looks up at the stiff bulging head of his cock, inches from her face. He is stroking it slowly. There is liquid on the tip.


She has no idea how she knows exactly what he wants, but is comforted by the fact that she seems to be doing okay. Unlike the catastrophe that is her grade in his class, this seems to come so comfortably; easy even. Maybe it’s just the instructor, she thinks.

His hand caresses her cheek and his thumb slides over her lips. His fingers slide around to the back of her head and pull her face forward until she can feel his heat on her tongue, rubbing slowly over it…soft velvety skin sliding up and back over her tongue. She knew he was aware that she’d never gone down on a guy; but she wasn’t nervous. He was going to show her exactly what he wanted of her. A wave of appreciation and desire to make him proud swept over her and she eagerly closed her lips over the thick throbbing head.

A quick pop on her cheek shocks her…she is mortified that she’s done something awfully wrong. She begs for forgiveness with her eyes, but sees that he is warmly tsk-tsking her. “Be patient, my perfect slut”, he says. “I will teach you how to please me.”

Slowly he guides her head….as her mouth is filled with his hot salty dick. For some reason, she is just now aware of the wet sounds her hand is making in her lap. He groans a low growl…and a soft whimper escapes her. Her hand moves faster.

His tempo quickens. His eyes remain locked on hers. Deeper and deeper he plunges until he holds her full on his length.  For a moment she thinks she is going to cum. Then the tickle in the back of her throat ends in an ugly gag. Tears pour from her eyes. She braces for another pop.

“Good girl”, he says. Her heart explodes in gratitude, and now she is surely going to cum. Her high-pitched moans tell of the quaking in her belly, but he grabs her jaw, tilts his head to one side and says, “not yet-“.  Her hand stops…just centimeters from orgasm…she is confused…and then understands. She is to wait for him. “That’s it, little one”, he says. “I will tell you when.”

His eyes close and his head falls back. His pace is faster now. “Fuck your hand…HARD…”  He is swelling. Her fingers  drive deeper into her pussy, as her palm slaps down on her clit. He is growling…she is moaning louder…they are lost on a journey that will take them exactly where he wants it to go.

She is holding on to her orgasm tightly inside her. Surely she will burst…finally …”NOW!” 

His hand clenches her hair and floods her. Surprised by the explosion in her throat she tries to swallow but it is pointless…there is too much of it too fast.  She is cumming as well…and his load drains down her chin, onto her chest and trickles down her stomach.

Her own orgasm is still echoing inside her. Her breath races in and out as her legs begin to shake; pussy pulsing and clenching firmly to the two middle fingers jammed tightly inside her. Eyes wide with fear that this has gone horribly wrong, she tears up again. Not from gagging this time, but from worry that she has disappointed him. 

He pats her head and strokes her cheek.  His warm smile signals the okay that she has not failed him. She doesn’t know what to do next. He puts himself back together and retrieves a cloth from his desk.  He comes to her, still kneeling, and without the smile begins to tenderly wipe her clean.

“Detention is served, young lady. You did quite well.”

Class would never be the same again, she thought as she dressed and quietly left. But as she closed the door and walked past the lockers in the hall, she thought… detention was something she wanted again. 

Teachers Pet

By SecretDaddy

He has passed her desk more than once already. She was in the corner, as usual, so quiet. He doesn’t usually let his thoughts linger on one of his students this way. But…the way her dark hair fell over one eye…the other eye catching his gaze occasionally…

He knew she dressed provocatively for him…for him, he believed alone, maybe others too. He knew she enjoyed having the power of being attractive…she could tease with the best of them. The thing was…it worked.  She had electric blue eyes, short, and a tight body. He was used to sizing people up; it was his job. But never did he size up a student’s sexual power. She was so unassuming…so quiet. Shy, even. But when she held his attention, she seemed to become different entirely. She became a hunter; she poised all of her powers over his head. He’d spoken to her always quietly; privately…though nothing of more substantial nature than the class, or how she was feeling on a certain day. He was friendly, but not familiar…just like they teach in teacher’s school. But it was so easy to pass by her desk and linger. Looking down at her work…allowing his gaze to take in her chest…or how she crossed her legs. She would make trips up to his desk, as well…coming around to the side instead of just standing in front…throwing her gum in the trash by putting her fingers to her lips while giving him that hungry look…then bending down to the trash can in a way that accentuated her tiny round ass. She always seemed to toy with him…he’d about reached his limit.

Things had seemed to amp up recently. She’d touch his arm…or tap his back as he passed down the row to ask for help…she had begun to ask questions about what he liked…and never seemed to fail enjoying the same thing.

He saw her hand go up. He passed down the row towards her desk, his back to the class…next to her desk. As he arrived, the student next to her interrupted. He turned slightly to answer their question so that his back was turned to her…in the corner. “Is this right?” the student asked. He bends slightly to check his work. And that’s when he felt the pressure of three fingers under his ass, on the inside of the back of his leg… He dare not flinch. He for sure didn’t want anyone else to see what she was doing. And what she was doing was not moving her hand. It wouldn’t have been an accident; but he quickly decided that it was not only intentional; she had no desire of letting him go. If any other student saw, it’d be catastrophic…and the reaction would be immediate. These students didn’t know how to do ‘low key’. So he ignored her hand….and it wasn’t moving…and no one else saw, he could tell. His back was to her and no one sat beside or behind her.

As he rose, he could feel the heat in his groin flush to his face. He was hardening…and had no clue what to do…but his mind was quickly composing a scenario. He’d need to nip this in the bud…

As he rose out of his semi-crouch, he turned to face her…and beyond her, the corner and nothing else, his back now to the class. He placed his hands on his hips, and looked down upon her. Her gaze was strong; and…was that a small grin on her lips?  Just as quickly, her gaze was gone, transferred to the papers on her desk. Her pencil wiggled back and forth as she began talking about some difficulty she was having regarding the lesson. When it stopped, she moved it to the edge of the desk. He wasn’t paying attention to it…only her face…when the eraser began to touch his pants…tracing over his cock as she talked about ….shit, he couldn’t even concentrate on what she was saying. He was frozen…and he knew she felt his cock jump…the bulge growing. A faint smile hits the corner of her mouth as she pauses for a moment…then continues. He’s frozen, alright- no turning around now even if he wanted to…the sounds of the class continue; everyone is engaged in the work…and the bell will ring soon anyway….so he can’t move…and won’t. The pencil pushes tighter…up and down…tracing his girth, passing over his head. He’s sure he’s sweating. And speechless, to say the least…

He bends down to break the motion. It’s painful. His eyes are level with hers…but she refuses to return his gaze. What he had wanted to do was to imagine the room empty except for the two of them…of opening his slacks and pulling her face to his stiff rod and watching it disappear into her mouth. But now, as he catches his breath, all he can do is wait for the stiffness to subside. Besides, the bell is about to ring.  He moves back to his desk as the students begin to pack up…his brain a swirling mess. Running as fast as an Indy race car…the questions pile up rapidly…but he needs time. This…this event cannot go ignored. He looks back at her, and sees her…the shy, quiet girl…unassuming, but knowing all the while. As she bends forward in his sight, her top falls far too open…another button magically fell as he had moved back to his desk. He scribbles furiously a note as the bell sounds…he places it on her desk. “See me after school”, it says… The rest of the day was a blur…classes came and went, and he attended them dutifully…though absent-mindedly. Her eyes…never really left his mind. Soft and sparkly and exciting, and there was something she knew behind those eyes, but there was wonderment as well…the desire of feeling his hands strong and controlling on her, his voice, deep and commanding in her ear, bidding those eyes to close and allow him his desire. Her mouth- the way it would smirk as he said anything close to something that might have a meaning she could turn into a suggestive statement….or create one of her own. That smirk that told him she knew she could play with him, and he could do not much in the way of protest or disapproval…in effect, he was her prey. This had to stop. No way could a student influence his demeanor this way…without restraint; without control. Being reactive constantly to her provocative ways was unacceptable. He allowed her to go unchecked as she toyed with his mind. And this morning, his cock…and not be punished. Or at the least, put in her place…beneath him. Beneath his gaze, his position, his hand…beneath his torso, receiving him…accepting him…relenting to him. She must see that in the world that she was carving out of the professional realm into a personal one, that she would be the response to his initiative; the sooner the better.

As the end of the day approached he realized he had no idea exactly how he was going to handle this…or even if she would obey and show up. It would be like her to not…forcing him into taking this and making it an administrative matter; in effect, calling his bluff. Except this was no bluff, he knew. The last bell having sounded, the halls quickly began to clear. Seated at his desk, he occupied himself with putting the day down, and preparing for the next. He closed his eyes as he turned in his chair away from the door. In his mind he sees her…eyes gazing up at him…putting her book bag down and repeating her advances on his lap. Holding her hands out firmly and placing them on the desk. Pushing her forward so that her bottom was stuck out for him to play with, running his hand up her thigh. “Do you enjoy that, little girl?” he would ask…”Do you think it’s funny that I have you at my fingertips?” …and to emphasize his point, letting his fingers brush up inside her short skirt to touch her warm, and surely moistening mound…pulling gently on her wet panties until she gasped…if she was wearing any, that is…his cock jumped at the thought and a low growl escaped him. This jolted his eyes back open to find her there, just inside the door. With two of her friends-“You have detention for an hour…you two can go home”, he instructed. He had no intention of staying an hour, but this needed to be done alone. She turned and quietly spoke to the girls, and they smiled and left, closing the door. He felt awkward, and apologized, “I’m sorry, but they don’t need to be here. This is our issue, and we can handle this between us, I believe”, he said. “I’m surprised you brought them with you.” “I ride home with them”, she responded…and now he felt bad for costing her a ride. Still…”Well, we’ll find a way to get you home. But you and I…we need to discuss this morning, don’t you think?”

“Yes, sir” she answers.

“Good. And this doesn’t need to become a matter for administration, does it?”

“No, sir It doesn’t”, she replies.

 “Because pla- I mean, teasing a teacher is quite serious…so we need to nip this in the bud, don’t you think?”

“I understand, sir”

“Good. I was hoping we could discuss this, and get something straight between us. You are not to play with me, young lady. I am your authority figure. I decide your future grade in this class. And personally, I decide who touches my cock and how.” His steely gaze hard on her; he lowers his eyes to add impact to his words. “There must be a punishment, and there needs to be a demonstration of proper behavior between us…and for in this class.” Without blinking, she responds, “I’d like that, sir”

And here comes the part that was cloudy earlier…what EXACTLY was he going to do about it? His mind clouds until he is no longer thinking…he is just reacting to the stimuli in his environment…to the sights, sounds and smells of their immediate surroundings. His brain goes offline…and for a moment all he can do is stare at her…she seems vulnerable; but unafraid. She seems submissive; but does not shrink from his gaze. Her head is up, but her breathing is shallow and quick. And it is obvious to him…as he begins circling her, that her bra is missing…and her large, firm nipples are beginning to show…

They walk back to her desk and she takes her seat. He stands next to her desk, looming above her as she mimics writing with her pencil as she had done earlier. He moves closer to her and says, “Now, let’s repeat this morning”, and hands her a pencil to use again. “I was just trying to figure out this one thing, and I began writing…” the pencil again taps on his pants, and rubs up and down. He suddenly bats it away. “This is what I mean…you are playing with me. If you wish to touch my cock you must say so. You must ask me correctly”, he says.

Softly, her voice gets out, “May I touch your cock, sir?”

Mindlessly he unbuckles his trousers and unzips….his shirt covers his bulge and gently her fingers find their way to his shaft. She strokes it and his eyes close…her fingers work their way into his shorts and grips it…she touches its length and girth…allows her hand further and gently touches his balls. Her touch is sweet…and sensual. He’s about had enough.

He pulls down his shorts and pulls back his shirttail. He’s wanted this for some time. The fury of the blood rushing through him demands he get what he wants. He moves closer. “I have wanted more than anything to watch my cock disappear into that sly little smirk of yours”, he says. “Now, open up your mouth”. With that her eyes roll up to meet him looking down on her. She opens up her mouth slightly, obediently. He takes one hand and wraps it around his cock. The other he cups onto his balls. “Now, show me how bad you want to taste me”…

Her hair falls over her face as she bends to feed his cock into her mouth…her tongue glides over the head and down his shaft…God dammit, but her touch is an experienced one, he thinks. She lifts his shaft and continues the path to the base of his now throbbing cock, and back up to the head. He anticipates her plunging it in, but instead she simply laps at the underside of him, just below the head…slow, flat strokes as her thumb glides up and down under the wetness she’s creating. It is insanely hot…and his growl returns….he presses closer to her, forcing her back in her desk; so that now her face is turned up to his. Without thought, his hand reaches down and pulls apart the top button on her blouse. His fingers dive in to wrap themselves around her breast…he encircles it, and pulses his palm over her nipple…she moans softly and then swallows half of his cock into her mouth…

He could very well continue shoving his cock in this girl’s mouth as she sits at her desk for some time…or he could release his load down her throat at any minute- but there’s another matter for her to attend to before he will allow his cum. He withdraws from her and puts his pants back in order…painfully. She looks up with what could only be described as a pout, but this only makes him more determined. There’s another thing he’s longed to do to her. And it’s now or never…

“Are we clear on what is expected of you anytime I am in that close proximity to your mouth again, young lady?” he asks. “Yes, sir” she replies.

“Good. Now, in order to make sure that this morning’s misunderstanding is forgotten and our new rule is to be remembered…” he trails off, but sits down at his desk, hands folded in front of him. He now lifts a finger telling her to come to his desk. She rises sheepishly, and moves towards him, a little unsure. He motions to her to move around behind his desk and as she does so, he shoots both hands out to stop her in her tracks as both hands firmly hit her mid-thigh. His grip is tight….her last breath came in sharply, and has yet to leave her lungs…slowly his thumbs begin pushing their way up her inner thigh…then back down. Up again…then back down. He feels her tremble.  “Are you frightened?” “No, sir” she says. It’s barely audible.

He leans forward, his face just inches from her legs…his breath hot on her bare skin.

”You may change your mind about that”, he says. His hands push up under her skirt, thumbs closing on her warm snatch…they slow as he reaches her lips. His touch has dropped her eyelids and told him what he had suspected. And hoped for, no panties under this skirt…

“There is the matter of punishment, isn’t there?” She means to moan, but what comes out is a small squeak…he understands it just the same. He turns her to face his desk and opens his top drawer. He seeks his wooden ruler. Used in any number of Geometry activities, but never a task like he’s about to perform with it now. “Bend over”, he says seriously. She leans out over his desk as he rises, but he takes one hand and pulls her back up, his fingers at her throat. “You need to feel my desk on you, little one” he whispers to her. With that he has yanked open her blouse. Buttons fly. Her bare chest bouncing out…his fingers scratching between the nipples as he cups both of her full breasts. Everything seems right with this little naughty girl. “I bet you’re tighter than any other girl I’ve known…you know this, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir”

And then his hand is on her back pushing her down, chest first onto the papers and books and the cool hard wood of his desk. She feels her skirt flip up over her ass. She is exposed to him…and the first trickle of her juice escapes her skintight, hot cunt.

It is amazing, he thinks, her ass…full and round …as if it were drawn by a ridiculously horny cartoonist. His ruler moves between her legs as he tells her, “Do not let your tits leave my desk. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir” she replies with quite an effort.

“Good. Wider, please”, he instructs. As he speaks, the ruler taps the inside of her thigh, and he sees her moist pussy open up to him. He slides the ruler up and back through her lips. She squeaked again, this time ending in a longer moan. He can see her breath raising her back up and down…hear her as a small animal; responding to his every command. She feels his rough hands take each of her cheeks and opens them. His breath was blowing on her snatch; followed by his tongue.

The moan increases as his first his nose, and then the wetness of his tongue laps at her…as if she weren’t wet enough already…from her clit, through her lips, and into her. Around and around it…narrowing and pushing down into it. One hand on her ass cheek, the other moves between her thighs and then the first finger inserts itself into her wet warmth. In and out, slowly, it moves. She grips the front edge of his desk tightly. Tonguing her pussy, finger deeper and deeper into her, she is about to explode. “I’m going to cum, sir”, she says…and suddenly he stops. “NO.  Not before you are punished.” But he can tell by her disappointed moans that this is punishment in itself. He smiles.

With every breath, she mews desire-filled sounds of pleasure and frustration. He rises behind her. He holds her skirt firmly on her lower back. The ruler again…..this time caressing her ass cheeks…first one side, then the other. Then CRACK…the first swat lands. CRACK…on the other cheek. CRACK. CRACK. It stings, and she yelps into the stack of graded and ungraded papers on his desk; her sweat dampening the desk. His swats are strong, but steady. And she feels the reverberation straight through to her clit.

“These are a reminder of what I can, and will do to you if you disobey my rules” he says firmly, but with a note of patience. She is his object, now, she feels. She is his pet student. The thought is enough to make her cum, but she doesn’t want to- not before he tells her she can. CRACK. CRACK. Her bottom warming and stinging…her pussy dripping more with each her red bottom glowing, her sounds of pain mixed in with pleasure, his cock throbs….she hears his belt again, and then his trousers as the hit the floor. He’s gone mad with his hunger, and she yelps as he lifts her up and places her on all fours on his desk. His grip takes her hips and then his cock…wetting itself in her lips before pushing inside her…a little, then more, then the full length…pulsing inside her…holding…she is losing herself in the taking…and she rocks her hips up and back to fuck herself on his cock….before he takes over and begins pounding up into her; balls slapping against her clit….”OH GOD PLEASE GOD PLEASE SIR…”swat…

His pace reaches jackhammer level and with one loud command “NOW!!”, she releases her flood, and squirts her mess back into him, spilling down her legs and surely the desk and whatever else is beneath them…he slows…and as the orgasm rumbles deep within her, his thumb pushes into her ass….and she cums again and again as she feels both of her holes filled by him. She feels owned and worthy…every tease has been answered by what she’d fantasized about…

He slows…not expecting the flood of juice that he had forced from her pussy, he allows her to come down from the ripples of orgasm that have her moaning and squeaking and writhing on his desk…the books and papers having long been pushed to the floor…he sees the rivers running down her leg, and the animal reacts. Flipping her onto her back, he devours her cunt, lapping up the cum hungrily…

As he finishes, and they both have time to put themselves back together, she wants to know…”So…I belong to you, now?” Her innocent voice, that hopeful question, “You do, little girl. You are my special student. There has never been one like you before, and there will never be another. You… are mine.”

She looks up at him sheepishly again, and simply holds her torn blouse out to him. “Here”, he says. “Put my jacket on”. As she covers herself, she realizes that she wants nothing more than to please him. “Did I do okay?” “Yes, little girl. You did very well.”  She thinks for a moment, “But …sir…you didn’t cum.” Her dejection sounds quite mournful and sincere. But she brightens as she hears him say, “What do you think you’re going to do as I drive you home?”

 “From now on, you will always wear panties to school. And when the last bell sounds, you are to remove them and put them in the bottom drawer of my desk. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir”, she beams. “And each day, we will review your behavior in class, and check your work for errors.” …. “Yes, sir” she replies. “When we are done, you are to go and put them on…and you will wear my seed inside them as you go home. Now…one more thing before I drive you home and you suck my cock until I give you my cum.”… “Yes sir?” she wonders….”Sit on my desk and spread your legs.” “Sir…I …can’t cum again…” she trails off, seeing that she is to do this anyway. “I know, little girl….but you are going to wear my mark home with you”, he says, and lifts her into place where she dutifully spreads her legs and he puts his face between them. When she feels his teeth bite down into her inner thigh, she understands…and the lesson hits home, and she smiles.


Home. After a long, long day. I’ve looked forward to this ever since I left this morning when I knew we’d have the house to ourselves. When I saw the cat-smile curling on your lips as you rolled over for me to kiss good-bye and gave my cock that “I love you” squeeze…I knew this was the place my mind would wander to. Entering the house, I have one desire; and one only. I hear you come down the stairs and begin rubbing my cock through my slacks. You turn the corner and freeze as my unbuttoned shirt hits the floor….my belt dangles from my hips….

It shouldn’t have surprised you to see Daddy taking his clothes off; you knew he liked for you to watch. But Daddy usually undressed in the bedroom, and was very tidy about putting his things away. His eyes were low, his fist held quite a bulge in his trousers. Through uncommunicated orders, you slip the top from your chest and drop it to the floor, matching his lead,  leaving you in your bra and skirt. The cool air picking up on the warmth now racing through your skin creating delicious goose bumps and two very awake nipples…

I pull my undershirt over my head and watch to see that you understand that you are not to allow me more clothes on my body than you have at any moment. It is one of your rules. I watch as you unhook your bra and blood flows freely through me; flooding the veins in my ever growing cock. I see with delight your bountiful tits spill from the cups of your bra; alive and alluring. Ready for the treatment I have planned. They invite me to play with them, tease them, taste them…I envision their soft warmth encircling the stiff rod I toy with in my fist at this moment. The play that my hand makes is tantalizing, and I have to remind myself to calm down….that this game has but one desired conclusion….

Watching Daddy play with his cock, staring at you staring at him is entrancing….mindlessly your hands fill themselves with your breasts. You feel so open, so free as Daddy long strokes his cock for you, the tip already glistening in the florescent light from the ceiling. You twist and pull at your nipples as they strain for more pleasure in your hands. Your pussy glistens itself with the sudden thought that soon you will be serving his pleasure….and that you will be thoroughly fucked for your service….

With my hips I wiggle off my pants and shorts and they fall to my ankles. Immediately, I know you are as hot for this game as I am as I watch you strip your skirt and panties quickly from your hips. Your eyes meet mine and I see that sly smile appear. “Crawl”, I say, and sit in my chair. I watch as you lower yourself to the floor; ass high, tits swaying as you creep across the room. I growl when I see you lick your lips…

Slowly you make your way across the floor, waiting for your next cue. “Surely Daddy wants to bury his cock in my throat”, you think…”perhaps he will guide my fingers up to his little ass hole and desires to have it played with while I suck him”. Daddy only looks down at you intently…commanding you forward; stroking his balls; playing gingerly with them. How you desire to hear his growl as you worship them…You near his spread legs and see Daddy’s straining wet cock drip precum down the side of the bulging spear shaped head. A smile appears at one corner of his mouth. Your eyes leave his gaze as you close on his cock, then drop to the play he continues between his legs. As you reach up to join your hand with his in the dance, Daddy stops you cold with one hand taking a fistful of hair; halting you and your hands do not leave the floor. “Tongue”, he says

My hand grips your scalp tightly; I can tell the force of it has startled you; but the shock in your eye is replaced quickly with obedience as you open your mouth and offer your tongue to me. My smile widens, my eyes sparkle with wonder and love at my baby girl; my Kitten. I see you on all fours, tits hanging sweetly, temptingly. I scoot forward to lay the head of my dick upon your tongue. I feel its wet warmth. I tap my cock upon it; hear the splat it makes on each tap. I insert the head only; hold you there as my hand reaches behind me….first, your collar. I hold it in front of you as your tongue works its way lovingly around my warm. firm head. I hear a small purr as your eyes catch it dangling there. You strain to take me deeper in your mouth; but with a ‘tsk, tsk’ I remove it and bend over to kiss your cheek and whisper to you, “Not yet”.

You pout for Daddy to show your disappointment, but his kiss warms your heart. You grin widely as he places the collar around your neck; getting it just so. You do not know what all Daddy has in mind, but you are excited to find out, and the anticipation has you moist…”Rise”, he tells you. You stand. Daddy lifts your right leg from the knee and places it upon the armrest of the chair. His eyes crawl over your body as he moves closer. His eyes lock on your pussy. You feel his stare boring straight into you. “Show Daddy, little girl. Show Daddy your horny little wet pussy”. You tingle as his words echo in your ear. You splay your lips wide for his inspection; fingers toying with your pounding little clit, teasing it forward from its hiding place. Daddy approves, it seems….his hand working much harder on his cock…you hear his first growl…it grows louder as a small moan escapes your mouth.

As much as I enjoy the show of you making yourself wet, there is much to get to. The dreariness of the day is all but forgotten. All that exists in my mind is your body, and how I will use it to feel my love and direction. But the temptation proves too great, and I lean forward for a taste….your scent drives me closer to frenzy; it is with great control that I allow myself one long, wide tongued lick. Then I reach around and pull your pussy closer to me as my hand grasps your ass tightly. As if to break the trance, instead of my face, I slap your wet pussy; hard. Looking up, I see your eyes cloud and your mouth hold onto the breath you just sucked in. Time to move forward with the evening…

“Wet me”, Daddy says…and you bend over to devour him. “All of me”, he growls, and you obey- you know what Daddy likes, and your desire to give it to him takes you as you swallow his sword, tongue sliding forward to touch his ball sack and his taste is delicious in your mouth. He pulls you up and turns you around…he tells you to sit upon him. As you lower yourself, the drab workings of the day melt from your mind….the troubles that danced around you begin to fade. As Daddy enters your warm love cave, you mind explodes in bliss and love…Daddy is filling your mind as he begins filling you inside.”Lean back”, you hear, and you collapse into him as your hips grind down. You feel Daddy take your hand with his and push two sets of fingers between your legs. Together, you massage your clit…Daddy’s clit….and already you feel your legs get weak and the orgasm builds quickly. It starts low…builds…then Daddy’s hand is gone…your eyes closed, head thrown back onto his shoulder when you hear the buzz of the toy…

I desire this. All of this. I watch your mouth fall open as you feel your orgasm build…I hear the soft mews getting louder as you grind down on my cock buried deep within you. I watch your day melt away as I spread your knees wider, and place the vibrator in your hand. You are so perfectly obedient. You know what to do without me saying it. Still, I tell you, “Place this on your clit, but do not cum”. As you do so, the vibrations extend down my shaft and resonate in my balls….I stay hard deep inside you as you fuck yourself on my cock….

It had been a boring day….cleaning and taking care of the business of the house, the kids….nothing came to you artistically; and you felt disappointed at your output. As you press down the toy into your fucked snatch, it seems a million lifetimes ago. The only focus now is to hold off the eruption of pleasure that Daddy wishes you to hold back. You bite your lip, hard. When his hand grips your throat and twists your collar, you dance harder on his cock and squeeze tightly through a shower of sparkles in front of your eyes to keep from cumming…you try to get the word “please” out of your mouth, but it’s not working…you had such a difficult time this morning with your mom on the phone, but as the first clip pinches onto your nipple, you’re not sure you have a mom…

I have waited for this moment the entire day. As I place the second and third clips on your tits, I hear your moans get louder. You bounce wildly on my lap. I let my fingers play across the tops of the clips as your large round perfect boobs bounce in the cool air…I tighten my arm across your chest and jerk the collar to quiet you…it is time. I press my hand down on the toy with yours and place my lips to your ear. I tell you of my love for you…my hunger which built all through the day. The plans I have for us as we get up out of the chair. Of the shower to follow. Dinner on the porch. I tell you of how the pictures you sent that day will require a spanking once we get ready for bed. Of how I wish to look into your eyes when I am done and you take my love-cum deep into your throat…those beautiful blue orbs as you swallow my seed…I tell you how proud I am that you have held your cum for me in the chair. Of how I desire us to cum as one….and then I begin to thrust urgently up into you, take your earlobe in my teeth and grunt : “Now”

Five Minute Fantasies…

(This is the story that resulted from my “five minute fantasy”. My words are in plain type, Daddy’s words are in bold italic. Of course it could be rewritten, making it more fluid, maintaining a single point of view, but I wanted to show it to you how we wrote it. I wanted to provide an example of one of the million ways we find to make the long distance shrink a tiny bit. We hope you enjoy! I know I received LOTS of enjoyment from this story last night!!)

I hear your car pull up and meet you at the door. Your hand slides behind my neck as we kiss. You walk me backwards, never breaking the kiss until the backs of my knees touch the bed. Your hands slip down my body, removing my pants and panties in one movement. Your hands lightly touch my shoulders, the slightest pressure but I understand you want me to lay back. You kneel, hands cupping my ass, pulling me tight against your lips. Burying your face against me. Sighing in contentment.

Fingers spreading you ever wider. Your hands moving from my head to your tits and back. I growl into you and the tremble moves through your clit.

I wrap my legs around you, ankles crossed behind your neck. Grinding my pussy against you. Taking over for just a moment…until I feel the slap against my tits. Hard. Sharp. “Stay still, Kitten” you growl. And I do try…

I unlock your ankles and push them up to your shoulders. “Hold them”.

I return to your lap where my fingers splay you wider. My tongue knows just where to go…and soon all is wet.

You take advantage of having your hands free. Wet and spread open, you begin to play with my ass. Just a slight pressure before you retreat. Bringing your finger back time and again to tease me while your tongue laps at my clit. A deep chuckle when I begin to whimper. Your finger barely pressed against the puckered ring of my ass. “Do you want more, Kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy”, you whisper hoarsely….

“Then I shall need my fingers slick with you”, I say and wiggle three of them through your lips…turning slowly, crooking up and curling inside you…in…out…deeper…as my whiskered chin brushes your clit in unison. I see your breath deepening in your heaving chest; your mouth open and the smallest moan begins.

I withdraw them, pull your hole open, spit into it and press one through the tiny aperture up to the first knuckle…I insert my tongue where my fingers had been….

“More” I moan. But it is merely a whisper within the sounds of pleasure. You glance up at me. Your eyes speaking as clearly as your voice. “Not good enough.”

“More! Please please please! I need more!” I beg.

My finger slides easily in and out and as the first wave rushes over you, I feel you convulse from the inside….I hold my finger steady; buried deep within you.

“I think you need more, don’t you, you slut. One isn’t enough for that tight little ass, is it, Kitten?”

“No, Daddy”

“You like my finger in your ass, don’t you, Kitten?”, I ask as my tongue teases your dripping cunt…

“YES, Daddy!”

“Why do you like it, my darling Kitten?”

“Because I’m a dirty little slut….right, Daddy?”

“That’s right, Kitten…you are Daddy’s perfect little slut”, I say, and add a second finger to the slick little pulsing hole….

“Daddy?” the question mark plain in my voice.

“Yes, baby?” you ask, distracted.

“Do you know what I really want, Daddy?”

“Hmmmmm?” the vibration teasing my clit.

“I want your cock in my mouth, Daddy. I want you to fuck my throat while you finger my ass and my pussy. I want you to fill all my holes, Daddy…” I trail away as I feel another orgasm build. Telling you such dirty things always makes me cum.

“Not yet my dirty whore…. Not yet….” you say.

My fingers pull apart your ass. Now my tongue dips from one hole into the other…

“It’s time for the toy, Kitten”, I explain.

“And time for Daddy to take your slutty cunt. Roll over and give me your ass”

“But… Daddy!” I start to protest.

You clear your throat. “Kitten, what did Daddy say?” you prompt me.

“You told me to roll over” I say with just the hint of a pout.

“And what, Kitten?” your voice not quite as gentle.

“You told me to give you my ass.” I say, slightly embarrassed.

“And why does Daddy want you to do that, little one?”

“So you can fuck my slutty cunt, Daddy!”

“Yes, Kitten… Now turn over before I take your ass first.”

You hear my pants hit the floor. Your ass is not the right height. *SMACK*

“Higher, slut”, I growl to you and you respond, pushing higher. My cock begins to rub over the mounds and down the crack of your bottom, offered for me to take. I grunt as it paws at your openings. Everything is slick and wet. Your intake of breath as I push into your cunt tells me you are ready to cum again…but not yet.

“Where is that cock…the one you fuck your horny little cunt with when I’m not here?” I ask.

I glance back quickly, a slight look of terror in my eye.

“Under the pillow…” I say sheepishly, knowing I just got caught.

“Give it to me”, I say. “It’s time Daddy showed you how it is to be properly used”.

I take the rubber cock and slick it with your juices….and press it slowly into your ass….you bury your head into the pillow as you moan…

*SMACK*….and your head pops up with a whimper. **SMACK SMACK SMACK**

“Your ass is MINE, now, you little whore”, I say. “Daddy is going to fuck you silly”, I announce, and slam my cock to the hilt in your pussy as I press the rubber dick deeper. I smack your ass once more and say, “Now. Fuck yourself on these two cocks, slut…DO IT!”

You hold the base of the toy against you, providing two firm poles to impale myself upon. I start off slowly. Dropping my shoulders to the bed, pressing my ass up and back.


“No, Kitten! Fuck yourself the way Daddy would. Fuck yourself as hard as you would be if Daddy wasn’t here. Show Daddy what a dirty little whore you can be!”

I press back into you. Faster. Harder. My cunt dripping around your cock.

“Better, Kitten… I think you are ready…” you say as you pull your cock free. SMACK “Turn around Kitten with your head hanging over the bed.”

I quickly comply and you bury your cock deep in my throat. Leaning forward, the toy slides back in my ass. “Fuck it!”

I begin to move, sliding the toy in and out of my ass.

Your other hand grips the back of my neck. Your cock stays buried in my throat. Cutting off my air.

“Fuck it harder, Kitten… You need to cum before you pass out….”

My grunts grow louder as I feel the pressure build…I hold as long as possible. “Scream for me, slut”, I say and I hear your voice rumble on my cock as the toy increases the pace until I am pounding you from both ends with all I am. “Take my ass in your hands and take me deeper” I say.

I grab your ass, a finger pressed against your tight hole. Pulling you roughly against me. Your balls against my nose, cutting off all oxygen. My body bowing off the bed, convulsing with orgasm, lungs needing air, head swimming. I release. Squirting over your hand as it guides the toy deep inside me. Your cock pulsing against my lips, signaling the flood a second before you fill me. Pulling free as I swallow your seed, gasping for air. Tears stream from my eyes and a smile lights up my face.

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